Doing anything that can pass time..

Hello everyone! This is my first blog post. I’ve been meaning to start a blog for um, two years now? Why now vs all the other days I could have? Well, I’ve been forced into a situation where I just have to “rest” and keep my mind “busy”. See, I’m expecting twins, and have reached the ripe gestational age of 27 weeks! But my doctors have told me that I have a “dynamic” cervix and an “irritable” uterus, which in the medical world basically means that I’m at a very high risk of going into labor soon.. So in order to keep these babies cooking a little longer, I’ve been put in the hospital on supervised bed rest. Mainly because I couldn’t be trusted at home- I’m a little bit of workaholic- at home and at work, so keeping someone like me at home on bedrest is a guaranteed delivery of two premature babies. So here I am! And now I’m starting my blog.

What am I going to write about, you ask? When I had this idea a couple of years ago, I was going to talk about clothing in the workplace (I’m a doctor, so this would have been aimed for us fashion consious women physicians). But two years later- I’m married, expecting two kids at the same time, new to the West Coast, and starting a new job. So, I think I’ll have plenty of other stuff to talk about! But don’t fret- fashion in the workplace will pop up from time to time! I will definitely have a few words to say, especially since I will be going back to work as a mom.

Thanks for reading my post and I’m so happy that you will be joining me on my journey!



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