Patience is a virtue? Tell that to a bedrested patient!

Hello everyone! I’ve reached 28 weeks. The magic number as far as my OB is concerned. The sweet spot that any medical person would be happy about. At this stage of life, these kiddos would likely be fine if they decided to come now. But have you seen a 28 week old baby? These guys need to cook a little longer! I want my babies coming out with little chubby cheeks that I can pinch. So here I am channeling my restless energy into the blog..Calgon take me away!

It’s been a little bit of a tough week. My sister-in-law got married, so for obvious reasons I couldn’t attend that. But, I was live streamed into the ceremony and for part of the reception so I got to see some fun details in real time! Then yesterday was our Hindu version of New Year’s Eve, or Diwali, as we call it. And I was stuck in a hospital room instead of celebrating with my family and friends. Last but not least, to top it all off, it is likely I will be here through Thanksgiving. My favorite holiday of all time. Turkey and stuffing in a hospital just doesn’t sound appealing does it? So if you’re wondering- yes, my patience is being tested a little these days.

I talked to a friend yesterday who reminded me that I ran a marathon a few years ago. Yes, me- the bedrested, now 40-ish pounds heavier preggo woman- ran a marathon. Seems like a lifetime ago, which is why I needed the reminder. Her reminder got me thinking and I started to remember the details of the race. The sweating,the adrenaline rush, the cheering crowd on the sideline, the leg muscles doing what they had been trained to do after months of training. What great memories! But then I remembered the moment I reached mile 18, and hitting that “wall” that everyone tells you about. All I wanted to do was stop- stop and walk off to the side, join the cheerleaders in the crowd and pat myself on the back for even running that far. But before making this drastic decision, I slowed down and walked a little bit. How will I feel in a few days? Won’t I feel ashamed for just having a few more miles and not finishing this goal that I had had for so long? After 10 minutes I decided. However hard those last 8 miles were going to be, I realized that in the long run, finishing the race would have been the only outcome I could live with. And I got back to running.

Bed rest, which most people would not liken to running a marathon, IS like running a marathon in my opinion. I’ve hit the wall. The two week wall. Four to six more weeks of this sounds difficult. Becoming one with  my hospital bed was not what I had in mind for my last few weeks of not having children. But even though we’ve reached the 28 week milestone and I could probably have these kids safely, in the long run, I would never forgive myself for not having tried harder for these babies to be born later, closer to their due date. These babies need to cook for a few weeks longer.

And what’s few weeks for a lifetime of healthy chubby cheeks?

I’m off to hurdle over the wall. More next time.



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